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putting is for wimps
There is nothing that can beat the feeling of a perfect hit with the driver! This game is all about the two best features of golf: Hitting furiously long drives & kicking your friends butts! That is why we have produced this network based, action golf game with the driver as your only weapon.

This game has three major difficulties.


Unlike most golf games there are no bars to show when to start and when to finish your swing. It is more difficult our way, but in the same time a lot more fun. You have to learn the behaviour of your character and learn when to press in order to get a perfect hit.

When you have hit the ball you have to use the phone´s gyroscope in order to steer the ball. No matter if you hit a “monster shot” or not, the wind will be a big challenge for you. Of course the wind varies from course to course and gets more and more difficult to handle.

When you feel somewhat confident that you master 1 & 2 above you are ready to enter the battle mode. In battle mode you will definitely experience difficulty number three; the stress.

In order to make it a liiiiittle bit easier for you we have produced a tutorial where you can see how it is done.
the equipment

The game takes place at four different arenas with different access levels depending on your own ranking. Everybody starts out as Duffers with a limited acces to only New Down Under. As you progress and level up you will gain access to our other arenas.

For Duffers and Bogey players.

For Bogey players.

For Bogey, Scratch,
Pro and Legend players.

For Scratch, Pro and Legend players.
the cast

There is a wide variety of predefined characters and just to mention a few; the Zombie, the Foreign Legioner, the Sultan, the Witch doctor.

As mentioned previously you earn gold coins every time you play while connected to our servers.
Those gold coins can then be used to pimp your character or buy a totally new one.


There are 32 predefined characters in the game and once you have purchased one or more of them you will have the possibility to customize your own character by mixing the different clothes and items. In short there's thousands of possibilities for you to get an unique and epic character.

vs screen

You really have to download the game to get a feel for- and experience the lot.
the balls

Once you get the feel for the basics of the game you will quickly learn that there is much to be gained by the special balls. Don't waste the opportunity to for example make a double score or a longer drive when the balls randomly appears.

Double your score
Triple your score
For longer bounce and further drives.
It even bounces on water.
For longer flights.
Very sensitive for wind.
Easier to hit but
hard to get long drives.
For guaranteed monstershot